Recognition means a lot.

You arrive to your desk one morning after a hideously busy week, and a lovely gift awaits you with a personal message from a colleague thanking you for going that extra mile. 

"Thank you" can be an incredibly powerful pair of words, especially if the person you're thanking isn't expecting them. Empower your managers to thank people who deserve it with simple, beautiful gifts that will make them feel appreciated.

And remember all the profits go to – so spreading your appreciation also lets your team know you’ve helped children get an education.


What's in a Thank you Treat?


Delicious homemade truffles
Chocolate Orange,
Salted Caramel,
or Forest Fruits.

A card with your personal message
Your own personal message on a handwritten card.

A £5 donation to
100% of profits go to removing obstacles children face to an education.

Free UK delivery
Postage and delivery covered.


Order a Thank you Treat

Just £12 to make someone happy!



A personal message, a tasty treat and a donation to charity is a compelling mix.

— Ben Mason, Director, The Tom Sawyer Effect

Ben and his team have been using Treat since its early days, and really appreciate the uniqueness of the service.


New to Treat?

Send a Thank you Treat to a colleague, MD, or CEO – and see what they think.