For a minimum spend of £100 a month and you’ll get:

✓   Cheaper treats

✓   Easy ordering of any Treat products

✓   Customised order form

✓   Order tracking

✓   Colleague to colleague treats

✓   Alternative healthy options

✓   Invoiced monthly

✓   All the support you need

Treat Premium allows you to engage with your team however you wish, whether it’s their Birthday, Workiversary or you just want to tell them they’re great by sending a Thank you; it enables you to do this easily and instantly.


If you love what Treat has to offer then let us make it even simpler for you, by giving you access to a range of features not available if you only order on an ad-hoc basis.

When you submit information to via this website, we will save and process this information to be able to respond correctly and manage Treat effectively. If you're interested in how and why we store your data, you can read our Privacy Notice here:

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