It’s this simple:

  • Choose a treat

  • Write a nice message.

  • Tell us who it’s for.

  • We deliver it.

The strength of micro-gifting

As any HR professional knows, the simple act of thanking someone can go a long way. Treat is here to help you celebrate an employee's success or recognise a special day in a simple way that feels special.

Studies prove just how much micro-gifting can save on your business’ bottom line – and with Treat’s unique offering, this is the most powerful way to to bring teams closer together.


Treat Premium

Make the process even easier and gain access to all these features:

✓   Discount on all Treats

✓   All the support you need

✓   Fast and easy ordering of Treats

✓   Customised company order form

✓   Order tracking

✓   Colleague to colleague Treats

✓   Alternative healthy options

✓   Invoiced monthly


Full profits to charity

Every Treat means more, because 100% of profits go to – to give more of the world's children access to an education.

You reward your team, and in turn they learn that by receiving the Treat, they’ve supported children worldwide. We include details of your donation in every Treat. (If you'd rather keep the donation quiet that's fine too - just let us know and we'll leave the donation card out of your package.)



New to Treat?

Send a Thank you Treat to a colleague, MD, or CEO – and see what they think.