Charity done differently

Treat has been created by That means that every Treat, every Welcome, every Merry Christmas is raising money that is going directly to helping fulfill its objectives. Treat is not a company that gives some money to Treat is - all the money made from Treat goes directly to the charity. is an innovative charity dedicated to removing the obstacles that children face to health and education. We do that in a systematic and progressive way which means it's not always the 'sexiest' option. We do what works, not what makes for nice photographs or simple soundbites about how much your money can buy. We work primarily with local schools strengthening their infrastructure and capabilities so that they can tackle the health problems their children face not just while we are there, but into the future. Solving difficult problems like poverty requires complex, sophisticated, long term solutions.

We believe that raising money can be a win win for everyone. Treat isn't a charity thing - it's a staff engagement thing - we want to be the best people at really engaging your staff. It is a crucial advantage that we're a charity and the money goes to an incredibly powerful cause. Why shouldn't a charity be one of your suppliers?

If you have any questions about this, please give us a call on 07751768207 and we'll be happy to chat about it.