Bring a little magic into the office this Christmas.

12 Days is the best Christmas present you can give your employees, and takes engagement to the next level.

It’s 12 Days before Christmas and there’s something in the wind. On the desk of every member of staff appears a mysterious box. It is heavy. It is alien. It glitters in the office neon.…




Mystery Desk Delivery
Discrete delivery to your offices.

Playful Packaging
To be used as a Christmas decoration.

12 Unique Boxes
To be opened each day.

Quality Contents
Only the most quality of products, making your staff/colleagues feel extra special.

Email instructions and clues
Where all the fun, intrigue, and office talk starts.

Offers from local businesses
Bespoke, quality offers from the businesses closest to you.

In-office experience
Well, this one must be kept as a surprise.




Give your team the best Christmas experience they could imagine. 
All profits go to removing obstacles that children face to an education.



Can't wait until Christmas?
Send a free Thank you Treat to a colleague, MD, or CEO – and see what they think.