The simple act of thanking someone when they do well, celebrating a success, an anniversary or special day – can go a long way.
Treat your team now.



Nothing says more. Surprise, delight, and say a simple Thank you to a team member now.


Take it up a level. Give your team a series of festive season adventures, games and experiences.

COMING SOON – Welcome new starters. Give them some helpful gifts for their first day.


COMING SOON – The years matter. Let your staff know they are appreciated.


COMING SOON – It’s a special day that happens once a year. Help them enjoy it.



Treat is a really smart way of thanking colleagues. So much excitement in the office. People are pinning the note cards to their desks.

Sean Greathead, Head of People & Talent, M J Mapp



It gets better…

The team behind Treat work at So not only is Treat the smartest way to engage staff – all profits are spent helping children in sub Saharan Africa get an education

We know your staff will be more productive after eating a Treat because we know first-hand how much a full stomach can aid concentration.



New to Treat?

Send a Thank you Treat to a colleague, MD, or CEO – and see what they think.



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